Published On: Thu, Jan 5th, 2012 By Akansha Mehra

The Best Drinking Hangout Places in New Delhi That Creates Memories

High Court ordering the Delhi Police to control drinking in public places, but the adventurous people shudder from hitting the spot? Here are some of the ‘Greatest Addas’ in the city that young Delhiites have reach always.

The Best Drinking Hangout Places in New Delhi That Creates Memories

Golf Course Road waali pahaadi
Whenever Delhiites are in the mood for a long drive and some drinks, this is where they go. Taniya , 23, started with a small theka when she went on a drive with her friends. She said, “We decided to take a shortcut from Delhi to Gurgaon, and we reached this jungle sort of area surrounded by isolated hillocks.” And now, it is our regular place.

The Parthasarthy Rock or PSR Rock at Jawaharlal Nehru University is a favourite with non-JNUites as well. Priyanka, 22, had her own mini-party with her friends at PSR. “I’m not from JNU, but this is been my gang’s hangout since forever. This place is away from the hustle and bustle of city life and a good place to find peace and calm, and of course, drink. And one really doesn’t need to care about getting caught here… It’s as if this spot is meant for drinking and chilling out with friends.”

Jumbo Point, close to IGI Aiport
The Jumbo Point is where you can get a clear view of planes landing and taking off from the IGI airport. And also the airport has a very tight security system. Tiya, 20, said “We like to go to there and drink once in a while. It’s such a stress buster. We just sit and watch the planes. Nobody cares about the cops, they can be paid off,”.

Naini Lake, North Delhi
If you want to go to Nainital to get pictures of lakes, so you don’t need to go there coz there’s one in “saddi Dilli” too. Ishita, 21, says that this man-made lake, which is also a boating spot, is a good place to drink with friends. “On my birthday, last year, my friends and I went to the lake and popped some champagne. We did break the law, but it was a one-off thing, the thrill only makes the moment special, right?”

So, you guys must be thinking why these youngsters never get caught so what they do actually is to had a very simple solution for that. “Sometimes they did see cops around the area, but that didn’t stop them from having their fun. They would use the nomal soft drink glasses to shield it from the policemen.” I do know this, coz i m one of them. :)

The Best Drinking Hangout Places in New Delhi That Creates Memories

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